Sacramento Folks ~ Simply Thrift Has Some Great Stuff!

Hey all you folks out there in the Sacramento area, there's a new thrift store in town. We went to Simply Thrift today looking for some ugly sweaters for a themed party and were pleasantly surprised by the entire store!

This is in no way sponsored content or anything like that, we just saw some awesome deals that we thought you should know about!

Here are some of the things we saw:
- outside they had a HUGE bin full of those ninja Zhu Zhu pet things! Not generic ones, these are the same ones that were ALL the rage last year. Guess how much? $1 each! They had accessories for them that were 2 for $1. People were buying these by the handful!
- Irish Spring full sized deodorant was 2 for $1.
- Full sized Speed Stick for ladies deodorants were 2/$1 also.
- They had some Alba brand products for $2 each which we thought nothing of until we saw similar products form that brand for $10-$14 at CVS.
- They were bringing in some 24 packs of Tamarind soda (expired on 12/24/12) and were asking $2.50 for the 24-pack!
- They also had 12 packs of grapefruit soda for $1
- They had some nice new Sterilite brand storage containers specially made for glass ball ornaments. I think these are like $15 or so at Target
- Of course, they had standard thrift store stuff too like clothes, furniture and over-used sports equipment.

So hey, if you're in the area, go check it out, you might be impressed. We were!

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