Rite Aid Updates ~ Free Camera and Moneymaking Cane Tips!

Update, both deals are reported to be not working at many locations as of the morning of 6/26/12.

Cant tips? I know! They also work for crutches, which may make them useful for more people. Or you can donate them to a care home or something.

Carex products are producing a $10 +Up reward when you buy 1. Most of the products are canes, chairs and other high priced stuff, but mixed in with those are cane tips (pictured above) priced at $4.49. We had to test this deal out and it worked! Nothing about the +Up was marked at our store, but it printed! I'd recommend doing this on a separate transaction in case it does not work. Then a return will be very easy.

Also, we heard about a FujiFilm camera deal and wanted to check that out too. The waterproof disposable camera is on sale for $7.99 (our store did NOT have this marked either, but we priced checked). When you buy one of these, you'll get a $3 +Up reward AND a $5 +Up reward making it totally free!

After taxes, we're up about $5 this trip! :D

Check out your local Rite Aid and see what you can find!

Also, if you are local, check out the Rite Aid on Folsom and 59th, they are remodeling and have a TON of random stuff on clearance at the entrance of the store as well as throughout the aisles.

(Thanks, Hip2Save!)


  1. Derrell D says:

    I got the camera but I didn’t see the cane tips.

    • The camera is such a great freebie! $17.99 regular price! :D
      Bummer about the cane tips, we found them in 2 places. There was an aisle with a bunch of Carex stuff and there was a cane stand by the pharmacy with a few of the cane tips on it too.

  2. I bought the iso-ball by carex for $5.99 and got the $10+ups. You could give it to your kids to throw in the house because its soft.

  3. Not working in ma

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