Rite Aid Shoppers ~ How Many Rite Aid Wellness Points Do You Have?

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Do you know how many Rite Aid Wellness points you have?

Now is a good time to start keeping track of your Wellness+ point level. Here's why.

With Rite Aid's Wellness+ Rewards plan, you can earn further discounts on items depending on whether you are at a Silver or Gold Wellness+ level.

To get to the Silver level, your point total has to hit 500 points. To reach the gold level, you must hit 1000 points.
You earn 1 point for every non-prescription/non-alcohol/non-lotto/non-etc. dollar you spend AFTER coupons. So if your total is $10 and you use $5 in coupons, you get 5 points. Even if you got $5 in +Up Rewards back, you'd still get the 5 points. They just subtract coupons and +Ups redeemed, not earned.
The points reset on the 1st of each year. Now here's the kicker - whatever level you end 2012 at is the level you will be at for the entire year of 2013 or until you bump up a level. We only had around 700 points last year, so we've been at silver all year. We've been enjoying 10% off of regular priced items all year! That's pretty cool, but we wanted to be at the gold level!

Gold level members get 20% off of non-sale items ALL YEAR! With the great +Up Reward deals out there and rebate deals where the item is not priced on sale, having a gold level membership can lead to some great moneymakers!

So that brings me to my next point... check out where we are as of today! :D

Woohoo! It looks like we're a shoe-in to get to the gold level this year! If you're in the 600-700 point range, try and get to the gold level! If you're already that close, chances are you are a big Rite Aid shopper, which means hitting that gold level will save you a ton of money next year!

So, how many points do you have as of today? Let us know! If you don't know, check your receipt next time you shop, it'll be below your total.


  1. Good job! I don’t shop at Rite-Aid here cause 1. They suck (manager-wise), and 2. There’s barely any- there’s more Petcos than Rite Aids in my area hahahah!

    HOping the new walgreens rewards card will be something fancy like this in the future!

    • Lol! We’re lucky at ours, everyone there is great! Also, there are like 5 of them within 5 miles of our house! Yea I can’t wait to see what the Wags card brings to the table…

      • There’s like 293483943 walgreens and 92482398 cvs’s here; I guess Rite Aid just wasn’t invited to the party or something : (

        Btw I haven’t commented or “liked” your videos on youtube yet, but keep making more!

        One of my life goals is to make a video IN STORE like how KCL or those other coupon-mom websites do it! Just need store permission to film……….. Hahahah!

  2. I have more than 2,000 points. I wonder if I get 40% discount now…????

  3. 2088 points. What do I do with it ?

  4. I have a reminder my 2012 Wellness reward has not been claimed I go to riteaid.com myriteaid it does not tell me how many I have or how toretrieve them

    • Rosemary Gremillion says:

      My checkout receipt says I have a wellness reward for 2012 that I did not claim. I come to this website and it says nothing about my reward.

  5. Was told I did not claim my 2012 rewards

  6. I only have 392 points and they said they will expire on 3/31/2013,why I dont have enough points to do any thing?

  7. Rita Schweinhagen says:

    I also cannot find out how to claim my 2012 Wellness Reward. Help!

  8. I cn not get ther right information on rewards. CLAIM WHERE and HOW

  9. angela weiland says:

    my sales slip indicates i contact this web site to claim my 2012 rewards

  10. Connie Colangelo says:

    How do I claim my 2012 Wellness Reward?

  11. dottie duncan says:

    How do I claim my 2012 Wellness Reward, it expires March 31, 2013?

  12. DAVID MERCHANT says:


  13. omadai ramjohn says:

    i am trying to redeem my points and not getting through. how can i redeem my points for 2012 its going to expire and the end of the month?

  14. geneva patterson says:

    I cant redeem my points .for 2012 how can i before the end of the month ?

  15. elizabeth venezia says:

    Cannot find out how to redeem my wellness points

  16. Ok I went there and registered, then you update your profile, once all that info is in, it came to a page that had a link to claim your 2012 rewards. These were my options: FREE One-Year Subscription to One of Seven Hearst Magazines, One Year GNC Gold Card Membership for FREE, $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificate, or Get 3 FREE DVDs, plus a 7-Day FREE Trial to
    DeniseAustin.com. Pay just $3.95 S&H. You can only choose one option. I chose denise austin DVDs for my mother in law, paid the amount, created the account, and set a reminder to cancel the account in 3 days.

  17. I cannot redeem my points for 2012, it expires March 31, 2013.

  18. Roberta Weaver says:

    I also have points that expire 3/31/13. Help

  19. Roberta Weaver says:

    why is this process so complicated. True I am not computer sophisticated. HELP

  20. are you sure its 1 point for every dollar?
    I had 864 points on my receipt last week. I just went in and spent $91 and my current receipt only shows 875 points. I bought cleaning supplies, vitamins, milk and bread so it wasn’t for alcohol, lotto or anything like that. I’m a little disappointed because the whole reason I chose rite aid for those things is that I was close to the 1000 points and I thought I was going to end up with 91 more points rather than a measly 11

  21. Hello from California! I currently am at 414 wellness points and I’m wondering what happens with my points at the end of the year I’ve worked on these points the past 3 months and I would love some kind of discount!

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