Possible Rite Aid $5/$25 Coupon Available For Some!

I am not so lucky, but several commenters on other sites are reporting that they have logged into their Rite Aid accounts (not the rebate account) at Rite Aid.com and clicked the wellness+ tab on the left and found a $5/$25 coupon was available for them to print!

I was not one of those people, as my profile said that there were no offers available this time, but there were enough comments about people's success that I felt it warranted a "heads up" post.


  1. I wasn’t lucky either but I did get a $3/$15 for taking a survey on the receipt of my recent shopping trip.

    • Yea, I love that they are doing this now! Early rumors are that you can do this up to 3 times per month. I also think you will be able to combine them with the random $1 off any purchase coupons from the Video Values page to make for even more off $15!

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