Planning on Buying a Digital Camera or Office Supplies?

Then wait a bit and score some free stuff first!

Go here to see all of the items that are going to be free after Worklife Rewards between January 1-7.

Get the free after rewards items, wait for your rewards, then buy what you were going to buy, but use your rewards instead of cash! Then you'll have the thing you were already going to buy along with a bunch of free stuff!

Go here to read more about Worklife Rewards from Office Depot.


  1. I’m not as familiar with work-life rewards. At staples, you cannot use rewards to earn more rewards, at Office Max, rewards can be used to earn additional rewards. Do you know about Office Depot?

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Office Depot is like Staples. You cannot use them to get more rewards. That’s why Office Max is the best! However, if you are already planning on spending the money on Office Supplies, this deal works out to be a good one! :)

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