Pampers Coupons

pampers coupons
Pampers coupons can be found in many places. We see new Pampers coupons every month when a new P&G Saver comes out in the Sunday newspaper. We also tend to see new Pampers coupons from each month. You can also find Pampers coupons inside of specially marked P&G products. These tend to be of a little bit higher value than the standard issue coupons.
Furthermore, you can find Pampers coupons by heading to their website and registering for an account. This will give you access to some nice coupons. Currently they have a $1.50 off 1 pack of diapers and a $0.50 off coupon for a pack of wipes. currently has those same coupons, in addition to 3 other ones for a total of 5 available Pampers coupons! (Note: this post went live on 3/26/2014) You can print these coupons twice too! So you've got up to $13 in savings for each computer you have that can print coupons!

Pampers coupons tend to come for the diapers as well as for the wipes. Be sure to carefully read the coupon for which items the coupons can be used on. Also, since they are P&G coupons, there will be a limit of 4 like coupons on most (if not all) Pampers coupons that you find.

The best way to use Pampers coupons

The best way you can use Pampers coupons is to use them on top of a sale and store coupon. This is why we love using Pampers coupons at Target. Sometimes, Target will even give you a Target gift card back for buying a certain number of Pampers products. This can bring the net cost down even more and mean more money saved for you!
print pampers coupons
However you intend to use Pampers coupons, make sure you are printing them when you see them, because online coupons don't last very long and it's a bad feeling seeing a sale pop up knowing that you passed on the opportunity to print some coupons that would go perfectly with that sale.

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