Our Thoughts on Black Friday

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Here's what we think:
We're not that excited about BF.

Of course, we'll go to the drugstores, but probably won't be going to any other retailers.

Here's why: we pretty much had Black Friday deals all year doing this website!
Over the past year, we've seen deals like a $180 Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer, $110 Roomba iRobot, a $65 Tablet, $12 Pairs of Dickies, $25 off $50 Retail codes, free duffel bags and backpacks, 20 Free Duracell Batteries and many more deals that beat the deals we see on Black Friday!

We will be trying to get a $99 Wii plus Mario from Best Buy online at midnight tonight and that's about it.

If you are in the market for a HUGE TV or a really expensive item that NEVER goes on sale, the BF is good for you, but we'll spend the day lying around in our food coma dreading a night of work ahead of us.

Posts will be thin until the weekend, with drugstore freebies coming after the Black Friday dust settles.

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)


  1. cedargroveguy says:

    Nicely said. I will be comatizing with my new Kindle Fire!

  2. My friends in class have been asking me if I will be attending black friday sales.
    My response: “Everytime I use coupons, it feels like black friday. Coupons save me so much money, Rebecca Black should sing a song about coupons.”

    Good luck to those who ARE camping outside stores. It’s been 40 degrees here lately at night. Ouch :(

  3. I agree, we get great deals all year. We never pay full price and even use coupons on most sale items. I did go to drug stores today as I need many items for fund raising for school but have no plan to go shopping in the department stores. Drug stores were well stocked and not to many shoppers. Got most of the items at CVS and after ECB’s made money. Wags was nice too, 2 trans. with no oop after RR’s and I plan to go back to roll some RR’s. Rite Aid was slow but got 2 remotes and 2 earbuds and they had tons more left. Free Revlon and Scunci and got me some Pot Of Gold. I am very happy with what I got and going to skip getting up at 4am, it is 39 Degrees here now.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      Yea we went to CVS yesterday too, we’re posting about it in a bit! It was very nice though, I was surprised at how well they were stocked. Post coming soon!

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