Our First Grocery Savings Workshop!

Sacramento folks, look what you missed! :D
That is, unless you were one of the dozen people who came! Then you didn't miss anything!

Everyone got more than this book, pen and water too!
We shared the love at the class and everyone walked away with a little something in addition to 2 lucky winners who scored gift bags!

I didn't trip over the cord once! Which was pretty impressive in my mind...

Thanks to everyone who came, it means a lot to us. It's nice to know there are real people behind the website! We hope to see more of you at our next class, which will be announced soon!


  1. Had a great time at the class. Picked up a lot of great tips. Looking forward to the next class.

  2. Looks like a great class! Wish I could have been there! Nice job Zack. :)


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