Organized Coupons = More Money Saved!

Keeping your coupons organized can mean the difference between getting good deals on things and getting great deals on things. If your coupons are easy to sort and find, you can make the most out of sites like mine!

There are a couple of great freebies available from Office Max and Staples for 1 inch binders this week (see here), but you might be thinking, "I need a bigger binder than that!" Well, has some great deals on everything you need to get organized in a big way!

All Avery products are on sale at Amazon! The ones above are what I think are the best deals. The 3rd one, the 5 inch heavy duty is a $56 binder! This is definitely the best one I see. You may not think you need that much space, but you will.

The last thing I would recommend are these: 9 pocket pages

100 is the better deal, but a lot of pages. I think 50 would do fine, so grab 2 of the 25's and get started!

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