OMG! Virgin Mobile Deal Alert ~ HTC One Just $49.99 Today Only!

Get the HTC ONE for $49.99
Ok I am going to be honest. If you don't know of my love for Virgin Mobile, you have not been around long enough (what's up with that?!). Virgin Mobile is a wonderful no-contract cell phone carrier that runs off of Sprint's service. The service is great. The only downside is that you have to buy your phone up front, since it is no-contract and all. Well, once a year, on this glorious day, they give you an opportunity to get a phone for an amazing price!

This year, it's they HTC ONE for $49.99 after $100 instant savings! You can sign up for their unlimited text and data plan with 300 anytime minutes for just $35 and you'll be saving tons of money each month while still have a sweet phone!

DO IT!! Get your phone here!

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