Oh What Fun it is to Shop at Safeway.com!

Got my Safeway.com order today. My total was $9.18 for all this, but I went through Shop At Home and got $9 back! So all of this cost me $0.18. Plus, if you have not registered for Shop At Home, you get a $5 bonus for signing up!

Check out what I got for $0.18:

Here's how YOU can do it too:
1. Visit Shop at Home.com and find the link to get you to Safeway.com. Once there, scroll down a little bit. Click the "Free Delivery on your first order" link/picture on the right.
2. Sign in or create a profile.
3. After you sign in you should be brought back to the page you were at directly after you clicked the "Free Delivery" link.
4. Click the "Buy one get one free" link on the left side of the page.
5. It is very important that you only buy items that are BOGO if you want to score a totally free delivery.
6. Shop among the BOGO stuff until you hit $47-$48 bucks. Don't forget, you have to add 2 of each thing since they are BOGO.
7. Then search for the item "safeway water" and find the 24 pack case of water and add that. Your total should now be over $50, which is enough to qualify you for free shipping!
8. Proceed to checkout and enter the following promo codes:
REFRESHE24- will take off $4.95 for the water
VALPAK15- will take off $15
If it is your first order, you will be provided with a code for free shipping as well.
If that doesn't happen for some reason, enter code SHARE15 for $15 off and free shipping! The code CJSAVINGS also takes $15 off and offers free shipping. The $15 off codes cannot be combined with each other.
9. Upon checkout, your total will say something like $35. That is because the BOGO items do not come off until you get the delivery receipt. Don't worry, they DO come off! My receipt said my card was charged $9.18.
10. Be home to accept your delivery and enjoy!

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