Office Max Freebies are Even Better Now! Free Shipping at $28!

I know this is the 3rd Office Max post of the week, but it's only because it is one of the best deals out there. If you have been hesitant to start with Office Max rewards, now is the perfect time! Today through 5/28, Office Max is offering up free shipping on orders $28 and above! This means that you don't have to spend $50 like usual to get free shipping! This also means, that you only have to have $28 on hold while you wait for the rewards. As we have said before, rolling Office Max rewards is a great way to get free/cheap office supplies and we do it all of the time! Hopefully this free shipping at $28 deal is enough to get some more of you doing this! :D

Click the links below to quickly find all of the the 1-Cent items for this week!

Post It 3x3 Super Sticky Notes 10-pack $10 with $9.99 back in Office Max rewards (limit 2)
Office Max Basic Strength Storage Boxes 10-pack $15.99 get $15.98 back in rewards (limit 2)
Office Max 8.5x11 Legal Pads 12-pack $9.49 get $9.48 back in rewards (limit 2)
Office Max Durable View Binders $4.99-$12.99 get $4.98-$12.98 back in rewards (limit 3!)

So get yourself a coupon binder, or get school supplies for next year for free right here!


  1. 3/28? You mean 5/28 hopefully… unless we went through a crack in our dimension and travelled back in time! :D

    And there can never be too many office max posts!

    Thanks to you, I’m signing up right now and going to try to get at least $28.

    My nearest office max is 6 cities away from me……. >__>
    But I have Office Depots/Staples all around me.

    • Sorry for double post, but when it says “limit 2”, does it mean limit 2 rewards per item, per cardholder?

      Like the post-its @ 9.99 each, if I order 2, will I get back $19.96 in rewards?

      • Yep, the limits are for the per item reward. So yes, you will get $19.96 if you buy 2. That’s what we did! We got post-its, binders and storage boxes! The rewards will probably show up by the end of June. Good to hear you’re going to get going on this!

    • Ah! Yes, we’ll fix that. We have not set foot in Office Max. We just roll the rewards online and keep out total around $50 to get free shipping!

      • Just placed my order on 2 packs of legal pads, and the banker’s boxes!

        I have at least 100 post-it pads from my Office-Depot closing-down clearance sale… LOL. I think that should last me until my next life (and of course I will be couponing then! ;] )

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