Office Depot Deals ~ 100% Back in Rewards on Many Items! Back To School Shopping!

Office Depot is helping you get a head start on your back to school shopping by offering 100% back in Worklife Rewards on many great items including pens, post-its, labels and staplers!

See all of the great items here!

Remember, Worklife rewards do NOT roll over like Office Max rewards do. So have a final purchase in mind when your rewards show up in about a month. Might we suggest printer ink or a new backpack!?


  1. Omg! I was going to buy the Mr. Sketch scented markers last week for my nursing health assessment course, but good thing I waited! Bought the markers today, and another stapler :)

    • Awesome! Do you have something planned to get with the rewards? Remember the don’t roll with Office Depot…

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