OcuFresh Eye Wash Review and Giveaway!

ocufresh eye wash
We were sent a fun tote bag full of refreshing eyecare products to try out and review and the best part? We've got 2 more tote bags with the exact same products to give away to two of you! Check the end of this post to enter!

The tote bag is full of eyecare products, including eye drops, rewetting drops for contacts lens wearers, eye wash and a vitamin and mineral supplement! This is the ultimate Summer sun and swim eyecare collection!

OcuFresh Eye Wash is designed to safely cleanse your eyes when they are irritated from various things including burning or irritation of any sort. It's great for Summer, when allergies and chlorinated pool usage are at an all-time high for many! I tried these out after a swim on a hot summer day, and I could feel the difference! We all know how harsh the chemical chlorine can be, and it was quite a relief to have something to rinse my eyes out with after having spent a good portion of the day in the pool. It was like a shower for my eyes! If you think about it, you wash the chlorine off of your body and your hair after being in the pool, but what about your eyes? You don't want to neglect the windows to your soul, now do you? With these eye drops, you will be left feeling refreshed, from head to toe.

Another great product included in the tote bag is the Eye-Cept rewetting drops, specifically designed for soft contact lens! I, myself, have horrible vision. I mean absolutely dreadful. Therefore, I wear contacts on a daily basis, and have suffered from dryness and irritation on many occasions. With these drops, it's like a breath of fresh air every time! I love that there are drops specifically for contact lens included in this tote, as dryness is a common problem for contacts wearers. They are so easy to use, too. Just treat them like regular eye drops, applying one or two drops to the eyes, while your contacts are in. And what's even easier is that after use, you just throw them away!

Also included are individual, one-time use MiniDrops lubricant eye drops. These are great for travel and for any on-the-go purposes. These little eye drops are just perfect for when you feel the need for a little hydration in your eyes. And the mini packages fit great inside a purse or even a pocket! You'll never have to suffer from dry eyes again. We took the box of 30 packets and split it up between both of our cars, my purse, our home and our travel toiletry bag. It's nice to know we will have drops around whenever and wherever I need them.

The last product included is the OcuSave eye vitamin and mineral supplement. We have not tried this out, but it seem like a great supplement to slow the progression of macular degeneration. They are full of antioxidants and come in soft gel case which is a nice addition for ease of use. It says on the box to take 1 or 2 daily with food or as directed by a physician. So you might want to check with your doctor before using.

Now it's time for the giveaway! Two lucky readers will be sent all of the above products from Optics Lab and a tote bag to fit them all into, a $50 retail value! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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Good luck!

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