Now We’ve Got it All ~ Cheap Printer, Super Cheap Ink and FREE Paper!

Ok, can you tell we're trying to get you to start printing coupons at home? Think about it like this: the average internet printable coupon is $1 right? So if you print just ONE coupon per week, you're saving an extra $52 per year. We found a super cheap printer earlier this week that is still available here and super cheap ink here.

Now we've got paper for one cent after reward from Office Max! So in total, you can score a case of paper, a printer and a backup ink or toner all for around $50! I'd be willing to bet once you got all of that, you'd be printing waaaay more than one coupon per week!

Office Max gives you free shipping at $50, so you could buy one of each, or two reams to get it sent to your doorstep for free!

So to get started from scratch, here's what you'll want to do:
Get the super cheap printer here and super cheap ink here.

You'll have enough paper and ink to last a loooong time and will be well on your way to printing coupons and saving money!


  1. May I use my previous MaxPerks rewards to pay for the paper, and get the paper rewards back?

    • Yes! We’ve been rolling MaxPerks rewards onto other MaxPerks items for 2 years now. We always get rewards back even when using rewards to pay for items.

      • Thanks! I remember asking this once a while back! Haha! Staples/Office Depot were the ones with rewards that don’t roll right?

        • Lol, now worries, you don’t want to get it wrong! You’re correct, those ones don’t roll, only Office Max does.

  2. Good deals! I’ll buy regular paper from Office Max but I get all of my photo paper from Ink Technologies. Thanks for the heads up!

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