New Walgreens Rewards Program Starts Tomorrow! Sign Up Now to Save!

Walgreens has a new rewards program out! Starting tomorrow, in order to get the advertised sale prices, you will need this card.
Sign up here.

Here's the full terms and conditions.
The highlights include:

Earning Points - you will earn points for online, in-store and pickup purchases. Standard exclusions apply such as no lotto, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Redeeming points:
(1) 5,000 points = $5
(2) 10,000 points =$10
(3) 18,000 points =$20
(4) 30,000 points =$35
(5) 40,000 points =$50
Redemption Dollars will not be paid out in cash or Store Credit.
Points expire in 3 years or 6 months after no activity.
When redeeming points, more points cannot be earned. Bummer.

According to the video here, members will earn 100 points for cookie purchases, 250 for toothpaste, 500 for bread, 1500 for paper towels and 3000 for laundry detergent. Surely there will be size limitations on these and those may just be ballpark figures, we're just reporting what we see on the video on their website. It also looks like they will be advertising how many points certain products will give you in their ads.

Register Rewards still exist at least for the next 2 weeks. We'll see if they start to phase them out though.

So those are the basics. After a couple of weeks, we'll have a better grasp of how this all will work. Such as, will coupons reduce the points earned amount.

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