New Searchable Coupon Database!

We are excited to announce that we have added a coupon database to our site! Now, you can search for and print any coupon out there right from this site!
We are especially excited about this, because printing coupons from our site is one of the best ways you all can help us out, and now it's even easier! ;)

Below is a little tutorial on how to best use the new database.

So you're about to go shopping, and you're going to buy some Uncle Ben's Rice. Instead of just running out, head to first!
Hold your mouse over the "Coupons" tab and select the "Coupon Database" option. (see pic below)

Then, you'll see the search bar, like the one below.

Search for your product (here, we're using Uncle Ben's Rice as an example). The search will begin as you type! So in many cases, you'll only have to type the first few letters of the product to see the results!
Once your results come up, they will include coupons from all internet coupon sites as well as inserts.
You can even see which sites the coupons are from!
Click the printer icon to go to the appropriate site for printing.
Click the other icon to select your own newspaper for the inserts! This is a great feature for those regional coupons that come out. Now, you can filter those in or out of your results!

Easy as that! That whole process should take about 30 seconds or less for each search. So, in this example, we saved $0.85 on one Uncle Ben's Rice in about 30 seconds of work! Not bad! :)

We will continue to alert you of new coupons as usual, just consider this new database another savings tool for you to use!

(Thanks for the heads up on this database, Mashup Mom!)


  1. cedargroveguy says:

    wow! This is a great service! Does it have resturant coupons too?

  2. Awesome!!!

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