New Rebate Submission Tracking Sheet Available!

There has been some discussion in the comments section and over emails about mail in rebates. One subject that came up was organization and keeping track of what you sent in and when. If you are like us, you may have 5-10 rebates floating around at once. It is good to have a list of what you should be expecting.

So, without further ado, we present to you our customizable Rebate Submission Tracking Sheet!

You can either print this sheet as-is and hand write in your submissions, or save it to your computer and fill in the boxes digitally as you go!
If you choose to type, the font will automatically shrink to fit in the box you’re typing in! Ah technology! :)

You can always find the sheet under the "Organization" tab (as shown in the picture above).

Click the link below to get to the PDF of the sheet.

Rebate Submission Tracking Sheet

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions! :)


  1. *conga line* Thanks for posting this!*!*!*~*~*~*~**~~*~*~** dun dun dun dun dun HEY

    • No problem! Now that we know how to create spreadsheet PDF’s, we’re trying to think of any other organizational spreadsheets that would help people save… so if you’ve got any suggestions, fire away!

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