New Permanent Cell Phone Discounts from Virgin Mobile!

cell phone discounts
Virgin Mobile has announced some new permanent discounts on some of their best phones! The thing about Virgin Mobile that turns most people away is the fact that you do have to by your phone up front. Well, it is more than worth it, trust me.

Starting Monday, December 3rd, Virgin Mobile is excited to announce new permanent phone discounts! The LG® Optimus™ Slider will be available for $49.99 and the HTC One™ V will be $149.99!

Virgin Mobile will also be offering $50 off the HTC One through Sunday, December 9th, $30 off the Venture™ and 20% off the Entro, M575, Kyo S2300 and Kyo S2100 through Sunday, December 16th, $30 off the BB2G: U600 and $40 off the BB2G: Overdrive Pro through Friday, December 21st and $80 off the Triumph through Monday, January 7th. Check out some of the other cell phone discounts available:

Get theLG® Optimus™ Slide for $49.99 at Virgin Mobile!

Get theLHTC One™ V for $149.99 at Virgin Mobile!

Save 20% off all payLo phones at Virgin Mobile!

Save $80 on the Triumph™ at Virgin Mobile!

My Motorola Triumph!

I truly believe this phone rivals the best smartphones out there!
Check out some of more deals available:
Save $50 on the HTC One at Virgin Mobile!

Save $30 on the Venture™ at Virgin Mobile!

Save 20% off the Entro at Virgin Mobile!

Save 20% off the M575 at Virgin Mobile!

Save 20% off the Kyo S2300 at Virgin Mobile!

Save 20% off the Kyo S2100 at Virgin Mobile!

Save $30 on 3G Wireless to go at Virgin Mobile!

Save $40 on mobile broadband at Virgin Mobile!

So there you go! I encourage you to take advantage of these cell phone discounts from Virgin Mobile today and start saving tons of money on your cell phone bill every month! Get started with a 300 anytime minute, unlimited data and messaging plan for just $35/month. If you pay $75/month now, that's a $480 savings year after year! After switching to Virgin Mobile a few years ago, we have saved well over $4,000 compared to our old cell phone plans! What could you do with an extra $4,000?

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