New Notification of Comment Reply Setting!

Thanks to awesome reader Andrew, we now have a new function!

See the checkbox in the picture above? Well it is new! Now, when you leave a comment, you can leave this box checked, or uncheck it, to receive notifications by email when someone replies specifically to your comment!

I am especially excited about this feature, as I know how easy it is to forget you commented somewhere only to remember way later. Then you go back and see a 3 week old reply and feel like you're late!

Hopefully this encourages more comments (which are one of our favorite things) here!

Again, thanks to Andrew for suggesting we add this feature!

If any of you want to test this new feature out, simply comment on this thread and we'll reply to you. Then, hopefully you'll get an email notification!


  1. Thank you very much for enabling this! :D

    *conga line*

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