New JCPenny Pricing Strategy ~ 40% or More Permanent Discount on All Items!

I just read an interesting article about how JCP is changing their pricing. Instead of having hundreds of sales each year, they will mark EVERY item down as much as 40% to an "Everyday Price" permanently.
"On Feb. 1, the retailer is rolling out a three-tiered strategy that offers "Every Day" low pricing daily, "Month-Long Value" discounts on select merchandise each month and clearance deals called "Best Prices" during the first and the third Friday of every month when many shoppers get paid."

When they do have sales, they will be marketed under the term "month-long value" and will last (as you can guess) for the entire month.

New tags. The retailer used to pile stickers on price tags to indicate each time an item was marked down. But now each time an item gets a new price, it gets a new tag too. A red tag indicates an "Every Day" price, a white tag a "Month-Long Value" and a blue tag a "Best Price."

Simpler pricing. Penney will use whole figures when pricing items. In other words, you won't see jeans with a price tag of $19.99, but rather $19 or $20.

This one is my favorite. I am a proponent of eliminating decimals at retail stores!

Eat your heart out, Kohl's! :D

See the full article here.

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