New Evening Coupons! More Carmex and Others!

So released some new coupons in the middle of the day today. This really threw us off because they generally release all of their new coupons early in the AM. So thanks for screwing us up Anyway, enjoy the new coupons, as they are actually very good ones. If you missed our Carmex coupon post, see how to get $0.20 Carmex with the new coupon. Also, print the Dial right away, as it is a great value and is sure to make a very good deal when paired with a sale.

$2.00 off (2) TWO Dial Body Washes $0.30 off one (1) Carmex lip balm
$0.75 off one (1) Carmex Moisture Plus $2.00 off one box of Lip Clear Lysine+ cold
$1.00 off Two (2) Solo Products

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