New Crest Whitestrips Rebate Coming Tomorrow!

Have you been looking for the new Crest Whitestrips rebate?

Us too. Well, we asked Crest on their Facebook page and this is the response we just got:
new crest whitestrips rebate
Were they trying to get smart with me about he $15 rebate? It kinda seemed that way. Hey here's an idea, how about putting up BOTH rebates at once! Mind blowing, I know.

So that leads me to believe that it is coming tomorrow. of course, who knows? I mean, they did advertise the rebate as being there in the P&G Saver that came out 2 days ago, but oh well. Maybe we'll finally get to read the fine print on this new Crest Whitestrips rebate so we can see if there are any restrictions or anything.

In the meantime, if you're Rite Aid shoppers, try and get your hands on an Oral Care booklet. They have $7 off coupons inside that you will be able to use with this rebate.

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