New $2.50 off M&Ms Coupon!

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Ok guys, here's a coupon offer for you. Last month, I showed you how M&Ms and video games make a killer combo. Now, you can save even more on this classically shelled candy!

Now, we're talking about using M&Ms in your holiday baking.
Either take this upon yourself and make some delicious baked goods or try and talk your special lady into baking something for you! I want to see some creativity... use Peanut M&Ms instead of the regular milk chocolate M&Ms!

Want to impress your friends with your baking skills?  Bake a dessert that will be the highlight of every meal with M&M's® chocolate candies!   Print out your coupon, buy some M&M's® at Walmart, and pre-heat the oven, because whether you have an office or class party, or just want to treat your family, it's time to get out the oven mitts and start baking! #BakingIdeas

Also, take a look at some cool M&M baking ideas that are sure to impress.


  1. Thanks so much for the coupon and baking ideas – they’ll both come in very handy with all the holiday treats I plan on whipping up!

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