Never Forget that Car Insurance Quotes are Free

car insurance quotes are free
Every 6 months, I get a slew of auto insurance quotes. Most auto insurance is sold in 6-month terms. I would say that on average, we stay with a company for one year. We're currently with Allstate, who offers free quotes here. They've gotten us for one year now, which is good. They actually raised our rates for no reason since out last term, but I failed to find a better deal so I begrudgingly stuck with them. It's still a good rate.

In the 12 or so years that I have been driving, I have been insured by Geico, 21st Century, Nationwide, Progressive (twice) and now Allstate. I look at auto insurance renewal time as a shopping experience. Unfortunately some people just look at it as another renewal and fork over a check. Don't do that!

It's YOUR money, so act like it! Just like you're going to shop around for your new TV or a new computer, shop around for insurance. Think of the internet as your store and go get some quotes. I have switched insurance companies 5 times and have probably saved hundreds of dollars because I don't settle for the rate that my existing company wants to give me. What about loyalty? Screw loyalty! If companies want loyalty, they'd better earn it by charging competitive prices!

One important thing to remember is to not let your insurance lapse. Make sure you're having your new company start your insurance on the day your old one is dropping you.

Dropping one insurance carrier and picking up another is quite easy. Most major carriers now offer free (and usually quick) online insurance quotes. So get out there and get some dang quotes!

Get an Allstate quote here.
Get a 21st Century quote here.
Get a Geico insurance quote here.
Get an AARP insurance quote here.

So be honest, when was the last time you even checked for a better rate?


  1. Chase Doaler says:

    Great post! I am definitely going to look around next time my bill comes!

  2. I am guilty of simply renewing without shopping around. Thanks for opening my eyes to this idea!

  3. Shopping around is always a smart decision. With many of the website available, ( most are region specific), you can reach out and get multiple quotes within 5 minutes. worse case scenario you keep your current insurance company honest and confirm you have the best rate, best case scenario you save a ton of money and take an unexpected vacation.

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