Netflix Prices up 60%! Check out Blockbuster’s New Plan!

Well, if you are an existing Netflix member, you may already have heard that to continue your 1 DVD mail and unlimited streaming subscription, you will pay a 60% increase. That is crazy! 60%! If you are angry about this and want to explore your options, check this out:

For $9.99 per month (plus a 30 day free trial at the beginning), you can get unlimited movies, TV shows and games (one disc at a time)! This will include those new releases that you would have to wait an extra month for on Netflix or Redbox!

This deal gets even better if you have a Blockbuster near you. You get unlimited in-store exchanges! You could go back three times a day if you want!

Games and blu-ray are NOTHING extra!

This offer is for customers switching over from Netflix only, but you can try calling customer service to get this deal if you are not switching.

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