More Free Stuff for American Express Cardholders!

American Express has a new Link, Like, Love promotion going through Facebook that gets you a bunch of great deals!

Basically, you go here and sync your credit card. Then, allow the Facebook invasion (select "only me" for who sees updates to spare your friends from the ads). The app will scan your "likes" and show you offers based on what you "like" on Facebook.

I recommend "liking" Redbox and a bunch of other places first, then you'll see offers for those places.

The Redbox offer we have is a $5 statement credit for spending $5 at Redbox (in one, or multiple purchases) by 4/30/12. So that translates to free movies for us!! :D
There was also a $10 statement credit for spending $10 or more at Panera bread yesterday, but we missed out on that one. The point is, it's free and the offers are great, so check it out!

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