Monday Mailbox Fun!

Got all of the pictured stuff in the mail today. Another great day to go the mailbox!

You may notice that I did not post about all of these freebies. It is tough to decide which ones to post and which ones to leave out, since if I posted them all, there would be 10+ posts per day about random freebies. So I refer you to the following sites which keep updates lists of freebies and how to get them: and are wonderful sites where you can go pick and choose the samples you want to sign up for and ignore the others.

Anyway, here's what I got today:
4 Staples rebates which made all of the office supplies I bought last month free!
Plackers Grind No More sample plus coupon for $1/1 same product
Dove Men+ Care deodorant mini stick
Dove Men + Care body & hair wash plus 2 coupons for $1/1 each product
Stainless steel money clip from Love2Shop which I will use for holding coupons when I go on smaller shopping trips.

Yay free things!

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