Might Be Slower Until Friday. Getaway Time for Us!

Yep! We're going out of town again! We are newlyweds after all! :)

This time, we are going to Monterey and the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium! The have a new Great White Shark, so that should be amazing!

Anyway, we are bringing our computers with us and will try to post as usual in the mornings. The afternoons will probably be quiet though.

Now's a great time to give your Side Money/Gift Cards accounts a boost by taking surveys and performing tasks! We just did that today and redeemed for a $15 Amazon card from MyView and a $5 Amazon card from Swagbucks!

We'll handle the contest winning while we are gone, so don't worry if you win, we'll contact you within 24 hours of the game ending. :)

Oh and you can bet we Looked Before Spending for our trip!

- we bought tickets to the aquarium using a AAA discount
- we booked our hotel on hotels.com AND are using our hotel rewards account
- and you can bet we'll have our eyes all over the happy hours when we're there!


  1. Have a great time guys.

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