Make Yourself a Coupon Binder and Get Organized!

We've got an organization section at the top of our page that we want to highlight today. It's been there for a while and we just want to make sure everyone knows about it! It's a great place to start if you are new to using coupons. We'll show you how we store and organize our coupons.

We also added easy dropdown links to all of the supplies you'll need over on Amazon. See the picture below.

So take a look at our "Organization" page and see what method works for you! Then grab some supplies and start saving your coupons! The supplies will certainly be an investment that will pay for themselves very quickly!


  1. This would be great for starters!

    I used to use a 5″ binder until Target security stopped me because he thought I brought in some dangerous materials. He gave me the oddest look to find that it was nothing but coupons, and apologized. I now have two 3″ binders- one food, and one non-food. I don’t bring them into the store with me anymore, only the coupons I’m “using for sure” in a little envelope. If I spot any clearanced items, I look for a coupon via the coupon database on my phone, and run to my car. =P HAHA.

    • That’s what we do! Only bring the ones we know we’ll use and the others sit in the car. We’ve got a 3 inch binder only but we don’t clip any inserts at all.

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