Make Some Easy Extra Money this Year With these Legit Options!

Well it's a new year and time to make some positive changes! One of them should be having extra spending money in your pocket! I mean, why not!? We've been doing survey sites for years now and have been able to buy things that we would never otherwise be able to afford thanks to the rewards from survey sites. Our Kindle Fire was purchased from Amazon solely from Cash and Amazon gift cards earned from sites like MySurvey, Global Test Market and others!

The list will read as follows: Site name with link to sign up page, followed by the top reward options and the minimum payout level. With all of these sites, the reward for completed surveys will average between $1.00-$3.00.

Global Test Market - Cold hard cash - $50 cashout level.
Survey Spot - Paypal, other gift cards. $10 cashout level.
MySurvey - Amazon gift cards, Paypal, other girl cards. $15 cashout level.
Springboard America Female Sign Up - Check in the mail! $50 cashout level.
Springboard America Male Sign Up - Check in the mail! $50 cashout level.
Valued Opinions - Gift cards from Macy's iTunes, Visa & more. $20 cashout level.

We just redeemed for another $25 Amazon card, which will be nice for a post-holiday boost of our Amazon account!

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