Make Soda at Home with Sodastream! Machines on Sale Today!

Are you looking for a way to make soda at home? I don't blame you! Every time I go to the store, soda is more expensive than the last time. We're about to get one of these so we can easily make soda at home and start saving money! Plus, it'll be nice to make whatever flavors we want, however much we want and always be able to have freshly made soda at home!

Right now, you can score a great deal on a Sodatream machine and starter kit! We're talking a half price great deal! This won't be beat! Now, they keep going in and out of stock, but they have had the pink and green machines consistently during this sale. Right now, they actually have the green, pink and a grey one in stock. Check it out:
make soda
Get the green Sodastream Pink Fizz soda machine for just $64.97 after 50% off code FF2012!

Each of these kits come with:
- Fizz Home Soda Maker
- 1 60 liter Carbonator
- 1 Carbonating Bottle
- Sodamix Variety 12 pack

Want more? Add code FREEFIZZ to get free shipping!

Now, if you're looking for another machine, that's no problem!

Head over here to find the Fountain Jet, Genesis, Dynamo Deluxe, Source, Pure and other Sodastream starter kits! Free shipping code FREEFIZZ will work on these machines too!

So if you've ever wanted to make soda at home, grab a Sodastream machine and make it easy as pie!

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