Macy’s Coupon Codes to go with 10% ShopAtHome Cash Back

Here are a couple of coupon codes for Macy's that can be used in conjunction with the 10% cash back that ShopAtHome is offering this week.

Use code GETAGIFT to get $20 off of a $99 Registry item.

Use code SHOPLATE (6/21 only) to get $10 off $50, $15 off $200 or $20 off $150.

They also have a big sale starting tomorrow, so we'll see what that offers.

You also get free shipping on a $99 purchase with no coupon code required.

Your best bet is to reach $100 to get free shipping plus $20 off, plus 10% cash back!

There are exclusions on the coupon codes, as we found out trying to do a sample purchase.

Deal Scenario:
These 2 (here and here) espresso makers are $99.99 with a $20 rebate!


Using no coupon codes, (stupid restrictions) you can grab a $180 espresso machine for $99.99, less $20 mail in rebate, less $9.99 cash back from ShopAtHome.

So, for $70! Not bad without coupon codes! If you are a cardholder, you might have a code from mailers.

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