Looking for Another Way to Earn Some Extra Cash? Try Jingit Today!

Are you looking for another great way to make some extra money? Have you heard of Jingit? Well until this week, I hadn't either.

Here are some official details about what Jingit is. We bolded the parts we thought were important.
It’s a Win-Win With Jingit, you can earn real cash, instantly for watching ads online; or checking in and shopping for select products at your favorite stores; even for giving your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys. In return, those brands get your attention!
It is the Real Deal Jingit is real cash in real time. We are working with large brands like, Kraft, Elmer’s and Walmart, and Kraft Fighting Hunger Together.
It’s a Snap to Start Simply sign in with your existing Facebook account, then complete the 30 second registration process and start earning. No social security numbers required, and Jingit will not sell or share your personal info.
Earn Online Watch videos, give feedback, earn instant cash. It really is that easy. So any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online — at Jingit.com or on their partners’ sites — click on it! That ad pays you!
Earn on the Go The same content and earning that takes place online takes place on your smart phone or tablet. Plus, you can download our app and earn even more by checking in at your favorite stores.
Spend Instantly With the Jingit Visa Debit Card, your cash is safer than ever, with Jingit’s trusted financial partner US Bank. The Jingit Visa Debit Card is easy and affordable, it also allows you to track your spending!

Check out what Tammilee did on her blog! She earned $52 in one trip to Walmart!

So you can also scan items in stores to earn in addition to getting points for checking in at certain stores. Once you get started, they'll make it easy for you to earn points! This sounds like a better version of Shopkick as far as the earning from checking in and scanning goes! People are earning good amounts of money with Jingit!

Sign up for Jingit today and start making yourself some extra cash!

Some more details:
How do I get my money?
You can use your earnings to buy music at music.me or you can get a Jingit Visa Debit Card.
After you apply for your Jingit Visa Debit Card, your card will be mailed to you within 3 weeks. When your card arrives, you need to activate it and add the cash from your Jingit account.

How do I increase my weekly earn limit?
When you join Jingit, you start out with a $5 weekly earn limit. When you post Jingit to your wall or invite friends, your earn limit will increase $0.25 for every friend that joins Jingit through your wall post or invite. You will be credited once friends complete the sign up process and you can increase your weekly earn limit up to $10.00.

How much does the Jingit Visa Debit Card cost?
We have an introductory offer for the Jingit Visa Debit Card, and the total fee for enrollment is $2.00 instead of the usual $10.00 fee. You need to use Jingit earned cash to pay the $2.00 fee. So be sure to accumulate at least $2 in your account before your apply for the card.

So get started, and once you earn $2, think about signing up for the debit card to make chasing out easy! Or don't get the debit card and enjoy free music as your reward!

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