Look Before Cooking ~ Whole Wheat Pasta Primavera

Thanks to the May issue of All You Magazine, and a little modification, we have the next entree in the Look Before Cooking series!

Whole Wheat Pasta Primavera!

You will need:
- 8 oz. whole wheat pasta (we used linguine, but I think Penne would be best)
- 1 can garbanzo beans/chickpeas
- (2) 14ish oz. cans of diced/crushed tomatoes, mostly drained
- 16 oz frozen/8 oz fresh spinach
- 1 small zucchini chopped
- 2 TBSP Italian Seasoning
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- salt to taste

What to do:
- Boil water and 2 tsp salt and cook pasta to desired firmness
- in a large skillet, (frozen spinach needs to go in first in 1/4 cup of water until tender) put 8 oz fresh spinach, 2 cans tomato and one can of drained garbanzo beans in at the same time, and cook on medium/low until heated through.
- in a small pan, sautee 2 cloves of garlic and chopped zucchini in 1 tbsp olive oil until zucchini is tender, then add to the large skillet.

Your large skillet will look like this:

(the white thing is an additional whole clove of garlic that I added, but you don't have to)

Once the pasta is done, drain it, put it back in the original pot, and add the hot skillet contents to the pasta in the pot.
Like this:

Toss everything together with tongs and plate it up!

(we added steamed broccoli at the end)

Clean-up is a breeze too!

Some alternatives you can try:
- add 2-3 tbsp of cream cheese or Philadelphia cooking creme to the sauce mixture toward the end of heating
- add more garlic, or onions to the skillet
- use a canned sauce instead of the canned tomatoes
- leave out the pasta and enjoy it like a stew!

Nutritional data per serving:

430 Calories
3 Grams of fat, 0 saturated
0 cholesterol
15 grams of fiber!
21 grams of protein!
87 grams of carbs
~670 mg of sodium

Delicious and healthy! And easy! And delicious!


  1. One word: YUMMY.

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