Local Folks ~ Save Mart Shopping Trip!

We paid about $8 for everything above plus an 8 pack of Jif peanut butter to-go which didn't want to be photographed. Yep, $8!

So the first thing you want to do is save your Save Mart ad when it comes in the mail. On the back, they have been putting coupons for free items with a $25 purchase. If you don't get the ad in the mail, we have been getting the same coupons via email, so you may want to join their email list here.

Now, if you are a coupon user or deal shopper you probably know that most "Buy $25 get X free or get X off" mean buy $25 BEFORE coupons. This is a very nice concept. We knew we would be able to do well here, but the Glade stuff really took it over the top.

The free items this week are an 8 pack of Jif peanut butter to go and a 17 oz. pack of Johnsonville sausage.

Major note: we shop at the Save Mart in Sacramento on Folsom Blvd. Clearance prices may differ elsewhere.

Our trip consisted of basically putting 2 fantastic deals together in order to hit the $25 minimum needed to get the free items. Here they are:

We found Glade Expressions refills on clearance for $0.87 each.
Here's what you can use with that deal: $1/1 printable here, here, here or here. Also use the "Buy Expressions refill, get starter kit free" coupon from the 8/5 SS. There is also a $1 Catalina coupon (good for $1 off anything on your next trip) printing out when you buy any Glade Expressions starter kit.
Whew, so tons of stuff to do with just that deal!
The idea of the Glade deal is that you can get a refill and the starter for $0.00 out of pocket while adding $4.36 to the total needed for the two free items when you buy $25.
Even better? Many of the Expressions kits had try me free stickers on them, which you could submit for a $3.49 rebate!

Black Star
Upon entering the store, we were greeted by cases, pallets and mountains of 24 ounce cans of Black Star lager. They have coupons at the registers for $7 off meat when you buy 3 cans. Wanna know the price of a can? $2.19! Add ten cents for CRV and you're at $6.87 for 3 cans! So yes, you buy $6.87 in beer and get $7 off meat! That's like free beer! Just so happens that there are a slew of meat sales this week. We opted for the boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99/lb and found a pack that was around $7.25.
So there's another $14 or so toward our $25 minimum needed!

So we could have done this deal a few different ways. We could have done the beer/meat deal twice and that would have been enough right there for the free items. We also could have done the Glade deal a few more times to get the total up while spending $0.00. We opted to use a free product coupon that we had for Pemmican beef jerky to pad our total this time. These types of sales are where we like to use our free product coupons, as the price of the product goes toward the total, and we don't spend any money!

We have already submitted for the Glade rebate, otherwise this deal would have cost us under $5 total! :o

So that's how I am buying beer on a budget nowadays! I'm not actually paying for it! :D


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