LG Optimus $64.99 Shipped From Best Buy! Plus Reasons Why You Should Get it!

Go here and search for "optimus" to get the LG Optimus for just $64.99 shipped!
The regular price of this phone is $129.99!

Here's a repeat of our Virgin Mobile rant that we feel everyone should read!

Now for our rant about Virgin Mobile and why you should get it:

Most of us waste a large portion of our cell phone bills every month.

Do you really need unlimited minutes? Or 1000 minutes? If you do, then read no further and keep your old plan. But if you don’t talk on your phone for an average of 10 minutes per day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, then Virgin Mobile is for YOU!

They have a $35 unlimited text, web and data plan with 300 minutes included!

We save around $1,500 per year by paying $35 a month instead of $100 per month! $1,500!!

The service is great and we have no complaints after 2 years with the company!
We try to save you money around here, and we firmly believe that this is one the the easiest ways to save!

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