Kohl’s Coupon Codes for This Weekend! Save Up to 34% on Everything!

Here are a couple of Kohl's coupon codes that are good through 2/11-2/14.

For 15% off of ANY purchase, use this code: SENT2U15

Remember, you can use more than one code, so combine the free shipping code (SWEET75 - Until Midnight today only) with either of these two!

For 20% off of a $100 or more purchase, use this code: SENT2U20

To make this deal even sweeter, grab an e-gift card through PlasticJungle.com for the amount you need at 14% off! Use that with your order to save up to 34%!

If you don't use a gift card, you can earn 3% cash back through Shop at Home plus a $5 sign up bonus using this link.

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