Kohl’s Coupon Code and 38% off Scenario!

Today only, Kohl's has a 20% off coupon code (LUVFANS) that you can apply to any order. You can also use the code GR8DEAL75 to get free shipping on any order over $75.

You can save an additional 14% by visiting PlasticJungle.com and grabbing a Kohl's E-Gift Card for 14% off (GC's in just about any amount you want)

Then... yes, there is more!
Go to Kohl's site through Shop at Home to get 3.5% cash back on your purchase!

The best thing about this scenario, is that all of the discounts are separate, so you really are getting a FULL 37.5% off of your order!

I see a $77.27 (random, I know) Kohl's gift card on PlasticJungle.com for $66.72. So, if you have $77.27 in your cart, you are already down to 66.72. Then, take 20% off of $77.27 and another $15.45 comes off, taking your total to $51.27. Get 3.5% of $77.27 ($2.70) back in cash from Shop at Home and you're at $48.57!

This deal will work for any clearance and sale items you can find!

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