Kohl’s.com Clearance & Coupon Codes

Kohl's.com has some great stuff on clearance and when you combine that with the 2 coupon codes mentioned below, you can score some great deals!

Code 1: 20% off entire order = Twenty4u
Code 2: Free shipping = SHIP2MVC

You can use up to 2 codes, and these are the best 2 to use.

I did a little mock-trip and came up with this:
4 Candles, Men's Hat, Men's Dockers Sweater, Vera Wang Coin Purse, Women's Mockneck top and Women's Lauren Conrad Floral Top.

Total for the 9 items before clearance: $153.98
Total after clearance with shipping: $46.33
Total after 20% off and free shipping: $28.24
Cash back from Shop at Home: $1.13 (+$5 sign up bonus if you are a 1st timer!)
Grand Total: $27.11

It's a great time to shop Kohl's.com clearance if you ask me!

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