Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer as Low as $131.24 After Coupons, Rebate and Kohl’s Cash!

Ok, so Kohl's is having a wonderful combination of sales, coupon codes, rebates and Kohl's cash at once. That's creating quite a deal on the Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer! Follow the steps below to cash in on this super low priced mixer.

Go here and search for "Kitchen Aid Artisan" to get right to the item we're discussing.

The price will be $299.99 plus an unavoidable ($3.25-$7.50) shipping surcharge, so add it to your cart and follow these steps to bring that total down!
So we're at $303.24 total with $3.25 surcharge
1. Use coupon code SHOPNSAVE to take 30% ($90.00) off.
Now we're at $213.24 net cost
2. Submit for the $42 mail in rebate here (scroll down and read how to get the additional $12 refund to make the total amount back $42).
Now we're down to $171.24 net cost
3. Get $40 back in Kohl's cash since your total will be $200+ at checkout
Now we're at $131.24 net cost!

That's it! This is probably the lowest we'll see this mixer in a LONG, LONG time!
We ordered the Pink mixer and the surcharge was only $3.25. Others may have a surcharge that low also!

Not a Kohl's charge member? No worries, you'll pay just $30 more when you use code SMS2727 (expires 3/10) instead of SHOPNSAVE30. $161.24 is still a fantastic deal for this mixer!

Looking for the Classic Mixer? Get it for just $99.23 with the same code, $20 in Kohl's cash and the $20 rebate here!
Just go here and search for "Kitchen Aid Classic" to get right to the item we're discussing.


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