Join RecycleBank to Earn High Value Coupons and Gift Cards! Earth Month Sales!

RecycleBank is a website you should definitely be a part of! The main point of the site is to raise people's awareness about being "green".
Once you sign up (and get 25 points instantly!) you can start earning more points by taking easy quizzes and taking part in activities that take mere seconds. You can easily have 100 points within 10 minutes of joining.

What can you get with that 100 points? Tons of stuff! The best thing to do is to wait until certain coupons go on sale. For example, all month in April, they are doing reward specials starting at just 10 points each. I just picked up a $10 off $50 Staples coupon that doesn't expire for a month for just 10 points! Last week, I got 2 coupons good for 2 free Friskies cat food cans. They also have $1/1 Honest Tea coupons for 30 points. They are on sale for $1 each this week at CVS, so they would be free!

RecycleBank is one of the best ways to get unique, high value coupons that make for freebies!

You could earn enough points to get gift cards, but there are better sites for that and the coupons here are so good that they are the real highlight.

Some other coupons available on RecycleBank:
-1 Free bag (10 oz or larger) of Wonderful Pistachios for 200 points!
-$2 off Wonderful Pistachios only 50 points!
-$1 off ANY Coke product for 75 points
-One FREE Happy Baby product up to $6 for 200 points
-$10 off $50 at Save Mart, Nugget, Food 4 Less or other local supermarkets

The sign up is completely free and I get hardly any emails from them!

Join Today and stop missing out!

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