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Katie's 25th birthday is coming up which means she'll be able to rent a car! I know, super exciting stuff. Have you ever rented a car for vacation? It's a great idea and allows you to really go by your own schedule, which is nice when you're trying to explore new places and things.

Anyway, we've got a free sign up for a discount on whenever you might rent a car. It's good to have, plus it's free so why not?! You may need to rent if you are having your car repaired, or if it is stolen, or if you forget to put the emergency brake on and it rolls off of a cliff. You never know, so you might as well arm yourself with a discount now! :D

Save more on car rentals to spend more on fun. Join Alamo Insiders for free and save 10% or more on every car rental!

Summer vacations are just around the corner, and Alamo is offering exclusive deals when you sign up to be an Alamo Insider! Join free today and from now on the best deals come to you. Plus, you can bank on special privileges like a 10% or more member discount on every rental, and self-service kiosks that get you on the road to vacation faster than ever. Whether your next escape is one week or months away, Alamo’s got exclusive deals for you.

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  1. This is a great deal and we are in the process for planning our travel this summer. We are in the market for a rental!! Thanks.

  2. cedargroveguy says:

    What a deal! Count me in!

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