It’s All About 29! A Bunch of Leap Year Deals! Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Well I guess it is a once in every 4 years event, so why not make it a reason to have sales. Everyone seems to be leaning toward 29 for their promotions, but they are using that magic number in different ways.
We will continue to post random deals today, but we woke up to a bunch in our email and figured we'd combine them here.
Click the store name to get to the offer.

Here we go:

Office Max ~ 20% off with code BIGLEAP and free shipping at $29!

Entertainment Books ~ 2 Books for $29! - Most $25 gift certificates just $2 with code LEAP.

Staples - 29 special Leap Day offers.

Kohl's - 20% off with code SAVE20 and free shipping over $29! - Free card to first 29,000 with code CCC2029!

Remember, this is just the start of the day, this is by no means all of the deals today! Stay tuned for more! :D

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