Introducing a New Category! Where Do I Buy This?

Sure, by now most of us know how to get toothpaste and deodorant for free and toilet paper for just pennies, but what about when we want the latest and greatest in technology?
We are introducing a new category that will hopefully help in finding the best deal on those items that seem like they are never on sale and are the same price everywhere.

We are taking email suggestions about items to include in future posts. (anti-spam email is ~ admin at lookbeforespending dot com)

Examples that we are thinking about including:
- iPads
- iPhones
- Brand new video games
- Alcoholic beverages
- New technology stuff (phones, tablets, e-readers)
- Gas!

So look for the posts in the category, "Where Do I Buy This?" to find out where to buy the impossible-to-find-on-sale items!

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