Interesting Walgreens News…

Photo Credit - Earnie Grafton

The above picture is the CEO of the company that makes Celadrin standing next to all of the $10 Register Rewards that Walgreens sent them saying that they were redeemed.
Walgreens billed them $533,000 for the value of the RR's plus $188,000 for processing fees!
That's a LOT or RR's!! Remember that deal? Check your stockpile and you'll probably have some, lol.

Anyway, his company is actually suing Walgreens claiming coupon fraud! And it doesn't look good for Walgreens.

He says there are some Register Rewards that are duplicates, and other that are in perfect condition and sequentially numbered, like they were never even given out.
Also, he says they got as many as 100 from some stores, when the stock of the products they carry is only 8-10 total! Ouch.

So basically, someone is cheating, and most likely, we will suffer. I hope you enjoyed your free Celadrin, because it'll probably be the last time it ever goes on sale!

Anyway, it's an interesting article. Read the whole thing here.

Thanks to iheartwags for the article!

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