IAMBAK Giveaway Numbers! Winner Determined Today!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Your comments were great, I'm sure Britnie appreciates the kind words! To determine the winner, we will assign each person who entered a random number between 20-60. Those who "like" both pages will get 2 numbers. The winner is whoever has the number closest to the number of points Florida scores in their football game against Tennessee today! If 2 people tie with the closest number, the winner will be the one that does not go over the score.

Example - Florida scores 54 points and Billy has 60 and Ted has 48, Ted would win because his number is not higher than Florida's score. The "without going over" rule only applies here in case of a tie.

Easy enough?

The winner will be contacted within 2 hours of the giveaway using the email they used to comment here.

Here are your numbers:
Ailis - 36
Shaneka - 44
Kelci - 25
Kimberly - 33, 54
Gianna - 58, 23
Noelle - 46, 50
Jessica - 21, 47
Carrie - 30, 57
Natalia - 51, 32
Elba - 52, 49
Jennifer - 28

Good luck everyone!!

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