Expired! Huge Moneymaker at Office Depot on Software!

Note: this deal is expired!

Ok, we're just going by what we see on the Office Depot website. We tried it, so hopefully it works!

Basically, there is an $80 rebate here for buying this Norton security software and any tax software. There is also a rebate for H&R Block here, which happens to be tax software.

So, add the Norton to your cart for $29.99
Add H&R Block Deluxe to your cart for $19.99
Add this $0.29 eraser to your cart so you get your total over $50 for free shipping.

You will see the rebates being promoted right under the total for both software items! If they're promoting it, I'm taking them up on this offer! :D

Print the rebate forms, checkout and submit for the rebates when you get the products!

You should be at around $50 out of pocket and you should get $80 back in a check and $15 back in an Office Depot gift card for a $45 moneymaker!


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