Huge Magazine Sale! Get All You for $7.48 a Year Plus More!

Today's ShopAtHome WILD deal of the day is for 56% cash back from!

Now, normally these promotions exclude All You magazine, but today's deal does not! So here's you chance! You can get a 2 year subscription for $34. After 56% ($19.04) cash back, you'll pay just $7.48 per year!

Additionally, there are a number of magazines that you can apply the code FALLMAGS5 to and save $5 instantly.
Here are the magazines that you can use the code on:
We have listed them with the price after the coupon code and after the 56% cash back. (All are 1 year subscriptions)

Men's Health - $8.77
Women's Health - $4.84
Maxim - $4.39
In-Touch Weekly (Half-year, 25 issues) - $14.19
Better Homes & Gardens - $4.39
Motor Trend - $2.20
Newsweek (54 issues!) - $14.96
Forbes - $7.48

I could go on listing super cheap magazines all day! Check our yourself and score yourself a great deal! Magazines make great gifts too!

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