Huge Centrum Moneymaker Starting Sunday at Rite Aid! Also a Big Thermacare MM Right Now at Walgreens!

Well, so far, 2012 has been pretty bleak in the way of drugstore deals... until now!

There will be a rebate form in the Sunday Red Plum insert good for $10 back when you buy 3 participating Pfizer products.
Participating products include:
-Centrum, Centrum Silver, Centrum Specialist 60 ct+, ProNutrients Omega or Fruits & Veggies 50 ct+, ProNutrients Probiotic 14 ct+
-Caltrate Soft Chews 60 ct+
-Advil 40 ct+, Advil PM 16 ct+, Children’s Advil 4 oz+, Advil Congestion Relief 10 ct+
-ThermaCare 2 ct+
-Robitussin liquid 4 oz+ or tablet/cough gel 20 ct+
-Dimetapp 4 oz+

Through Saturday at Walgreens, do this:
Buy (2) Thermacare 2-3 ct. packs for $5.99
- use (2) $3/1 Thermacare coupons from here
- get $5 Register Reward for buying 2
Repeat this transaction.
There, you've bought 4 participating products and spend $1.96 out of pocket.
- submit for the $10 rebate when you get it
- $8.04 Moneymaker!


Buy 2 Advil PM 16 or 20ct for $4.99 each
- use (2) $1/1 Advil PM 16 ct+ from the 12/11 RP or here
- get $5 Register Reward
Repeat this transaction.
You've bought 4 participating products and spend $5.96 out of pocket.
- submit for the $10 rebate when you get it
- $4.04 Moneymaker!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

PLEASE NOTE - This rebate form SHOULD come for everyone, but there is no guarantee. So, when doing the Walgreens deal this week (before you actually have the form) we recommend doing these deals separately and saving your receipts for a return if you don't get the form. Again, everyone SHOULD be getting it, but you definitely will want to protect yourself if you don't.

Beginning Sunday at Rite Aid do this:

Centrum Deal $9.99 each
Spend $25 and get $10 +Up Reward
Buy 2 Pronutrients and 1 Centrum Specialist
- use $4/1 Pronutrients Video Values coupon
- use $2/1 Centrum Video Values coupon
- use (2) $5/1 Pronutrients coupon here or 1/1 Red Plum
- use $3/1 Centrum from 1/1 Red Plum
- use coupon from your Rite Aid receipt this week (many people say they got a $3/1 Centrum!)
So, without the receipt coupon, you'll pay $10.97 in store and get a $10 +Up Reward and a $10 rebate check!
- 9.03 Moneymaker!!


  1. Hello Zack, for sure this year was off to a very slow start.
    I noticed I have to work harder on planning a shopping trip in order to get a good deal.
    I try to stay away from rebates since it ties your money for a long time and you never know when or if you will get it. For that reason I will only do a rebate if I end up not paying much, its free to start (after coupons, RR, upr, ecb) or I realy need the item and will buy it anyway.
    If I will get that rebate form in my Red Plum I will let you know, since I will have several and can mail form to someone who got items and did not get the form. I hope deals will get better soon.

    • Yes, it seems that stores are making the freebies a little less obvious. They’re taking creativity. I try not to think of rebates in that way because I feel like people miss out on great deals because they don’t want to put the money up front. One thing that may help is making a little rebate binder. Keep track of every rebate you send it, the date you sent it and get a contact phone number for the rebate center or company. We’ve had nothing but good luck with rebates, but I do see not liking the idea of putting the money up front.

      That would be really nice of you to send the forms to people who might not get one! I’ll keep my eyes open in the comments section for people who may have missed out. :)

      • I did not have any problems with rebates but only did about 6 a year. It just takes so long 10-12 weeks to get the money. I stay away from rebate that askes you to buy items you do not need. The rebate you told us about today looks like a good one since I will only pay 0.97 and will get back $10. Just need to get all the coupons in order. BTW I am still waiting on that Swift stuff from the points at Rite Aid-Cover Girl? did you get the stuff?

        • I agree, it does take a LONG time to get most rebates.

          We have not received the Swift stuff but did get a letter and an email updating us. They told us a couple of items we ordered were out of stock and were replaced with other (just as good in our opinion) items. I don’t remember the dates, but we got the letter about 3 weeks ago and it said they would be sending the stuff out in 4 weeks or something like that. The good part about this is that we did hear from them, and we have every reason to believe it is actually going to come. One day.

  2. Yay! This was posted :D Thanks!

    My dad is a mail carrier for the USPS, and he says that a lot of “rebates” come looking super “junk mail”-ish on purpose. He said he has a resident who only “takes out the important stuff” out of his mailbox, but always leaves the ads and “junk mail” inside his mail box. When my dad pulled all his “unclaimed mail” out of his box to rubberband and take back to the office, he noticed a few “postcard rebates”. Too bad for that resident!

    Like Zack says, ALWAYS have some sort of system to keep track of your rebates. I have my spreadsheet and of course physical copies of the original receipts, upc codes, and everything else I put into the envelope that was mailed. I then put the day that it was mailed on my spreadsheet, thee contact info for the company, and if they have a rebate-tracking system. My cousin who shops with me does not like the rebates, but since I have spreadsheets for everything, I made one for him to keep track of HIS rebates. Of course he treats me out to a nice lunch when the rebates come ;)

    On-topic, my WG store gave all who joined the WG Prescription Savings club 15% employee discount, and 20% off NICE! brand products this week! The total for each Thermacare transaction after tax was $5.07. So I paid $10.14, got back $10 RR, and hopefully be able to submit it for the $10 rebate!

    There’s quite a lot of deals starting this sunday. Too bad the 15% promotion ends for me then! Good luck everyone! And thanks again Zack&Katie!

    • You definitely have to keep your eye out for everything! Rebates, coupons, sales, everything! Man, I gotta get a shopping buddy to trade me lunch for coupon tools and tips! Maybe I’ll work up a simple spreadsheet for rebate tracking and find some way to upload it ti the site so anyone could use it. I really want people to get over their hesitation about rebates. People I know will ask me how I got something for free or super cheap, and I’ll start by saying how it was on sale. They are still interested. The I’ll say how I used a coupon. They’re still kinda interested. Then I’ll mention the rebate and all of the sudden it’s like I’m a door to door salesman! “Oh, no, no. Maybe that isn’t for me.” Here’s hoping we can take the stigma out of rebates!


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